Who Are Grassroots Ohioans?

Here are some of the people who have brought you Grassroots OH

Mike MacGuffie – Editor

Mike has been working with the disabled for many years – both in the private and public sectors. He holds two Master degrees and has been an advocate for individuals with disabilities for over 2 decades.

His interests include disability management, vocational rehabilitation and public health policy. He lives in Toledo, OH.

Joe Brumfield – Visual Design

Joe Brumfield is an Athens, OH based graphic designer and illustrator.  In 2003, after a number of years working with Alzheimer’s patients, Joe was  diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy. Tired of feeling like a lab rat, Joe decided to use this experience as the perfect reasoning to devote his life to advocating Cannabis through his artwork and the study of history.

Zach Guithues – Events

Zach is the founder of Ohio Music for Legalization and has spent the past year building a network of musicians, venues, and production companies that support the cause.  He has also been key in providing merchandise to help legalization efforts across Ohio. He lives in Dayton, OH.