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Grassroots Ohioans is moving forward with our ballot initiative, legalizing cannabis for all those who can benefit from access. Our bill compliments recent actions by the Ohio Legislature – in that, we grant the individual right to medicinal access, without the need to interface with the state-system, which requires disclosure of confidential medical information that, in turn, will be entered in a state-data base for tracking purposes.  That’s simply not right!

Grassroots Ohioans believes that medical decisions are made between a patient and a physician – a sacred relationship – not the state and a patient.

That’s why we developed a patient-focused, individual-right to legal medicinal access. We also value industrial applications of hemp, and included that in our comprehensive bill.

If you’re like minded and believe in inclusive, medical access to cannabis and industrial hemp, we could use your support.

Please consider a donation of any amount. We will diligently use your donation to help educate the public about the Marijuana Rights and Regulations amendment and to assist local municipalities with developing sensible cannabis laws.