Who We Are

We are Ohioans who have decided to transcend the politics of Cannabis legalization and establish a simple enumeration of our rights.

It has become clear that we cannot rely on our elected officials  or investor based approaches to implement policy based on facts and evidence. There is far too much at stake for our farms and our health to allow the continued manipulation of cannabis availability by politicians and big money.

Our mission is is not limited to our current campaign. Our first step is to establish basic human rights around cannabis, and vacate prior cannabis convections. Once that is underway we will begin an open process to define regulatory statutes to follow up with to ensure the legislature does not interfere with our rights any longer.

Implementing regulation into our constitution is problematic, our understanding of the science that underlies how cannabis affects our lives has been held back by nearly a century of willful ignorance. Attempting to establish anything more than a basic enumeration of rights in something as permanent as a constitutional amendment is irresponsible at the very least.

This was the inspiration for our approach, establish basic rights we can all agree on and then work together to find the right regulatory approach for Ohio by Ohio.