Sign up to gather signatures

Grassroots Ohioans is ready for action and we need passionate Ohioans to unite.

All Ohioans deserve to be heard and we must demand our rights!!!

We are currently organizing volunteers to collect signatures around the state.  We invite you to join us.  

  • Are you ready to unite Ohio and help demand our rights be protected in an Amendment to the Constitution??
  • Are you passionate about wanting Ohioans to have access to cannabis?
  • Do you believe that small business and all Ohioans should have fair and equal access employment and ownership of Ohio’s emerging Green industry?
  • Are you ready to protect Ohio’s patients before big business takes over?

We are calling on all Ohioans dedicated to legalizing cannabis 
To come out and help collect signatures all across the state.

It starts and ends with all of us participating to demand our rights.

Let’s Smoke the Vote! Pass the Petition!

Ohioans are realizing that the current medical law from our legislature is incomplete, and will not benefit Ohioans anytime soon.  Our patients will continue to suffer with no right to use, or possess, medicinal cannabis.  With this confusing state of affairs, Ohio’s lawmakers have left us with no choice but to assert our rights for fair and equal access to medicinal cannabis!

Grassroots Ohioans amendment is the right solution as it will enshrine the rights of all Ohioans for fair and equal access to cannabis, while requiring fair and transparent licensing.  

Find out how to help gather signatures at the Pass the Petition page!

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