Pass The Petition


We appreciate the outpouring of interest in the “rights-first” amendment. It has been inspiring to see so many people remember their American Government classes in school, and why “rights trump regulation” is a powerful approach. Ohio is still not there because if the history of “industry-first” approaches to initiatives. And even though we have H.B. 523, there are some things that aren’t great AND MOST OF ALL… what the government gives, the government can take away.

Help Grassroots Ohians

One of the easiest ways to help Grassroots Ohioans is to circulate a petition book.

Do it as an organization. Do it as an individual. If everyone helps send a couple of completed books, we can work together to assert our individual rights instead of settling for being “given permission”.

If you’re going to a show, take one. Headed to a party, grab one.

Just remember, there can only be signatures on a single packet for one county. You can’t have a Butler county registered voter sign a Franklin County packet.


If you need help with something, please contact us right away!