Patents & Their Impact on Our Rights

Patent No. 9095554, issued to a group of breeders in California, “relates to specialty cannabis plants, compositions and methods for making and using said cannabis plants and compositions derived thereof,” according to the 145-page document, which is filled with charts, graphs, and reams of scientific jargon describing a range of hybrid strains with distinctive ratios of cannabinoids.

Vice News

The vice article goes on to explain how the rights to various strains will wind up being the subjects of legal warfare:

Concern is rising among legal-pot pioneers about the need to lawyer up to defend their creations from imitators and patent trolls, as well as from multinational corporations in the agriculture, tobacco and pharmaceutical industries that are thought to be watching the fast-growing industry from the sidelines, despite overt denials.

The impact of legal cannabis will be one thing for certain, a game changer.

Our goal at Grassroots Ohio is to ensure our right to have access to this plant, putting your rights above and beyond the rights of any corporation or patent.

Through the enumeration of basic rights of access to this incredible plant we aim to protect Ohioans and set a precedent for other states to follow.