Grassroots Call to Action

With the MCIH amendment passing the ballot board, we are in need of help!

We have a lot of signatures to collect, and a lot of Ohioans to educate. To help you help us we have created a volunteer signup form. The website is our web app, although is still being developed we are able to use the volunteer on boarding portion now. It only requires a few simple steps:

  1. Login with Google or Facebook
  2. Enter in contact information so we can reach you and know where you can help
  3. Select from three newsletters any you would like to receive in your email
  4. Select any areas you can help

Once you fill in your profile someone on our response team will reach out and introduce you to the campaign.

They will also work with our team leads to make sure you are engaged with the proper people.

Our biggest needs now are signature collecting petitioners and people to help us manage collection booths at events, but we have many other needs including fundraising, graphic design, media production, outreach and many more.

So please sign up today and share it with your friends, together we can build a better Ohio.

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