BREAKING: Grassroots OH MCIH Amendment Clears Ballot Board


April 14, 2016

GrassRoots OH Medicinal Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Amendment Clears Ballot Board

Columbus — A group called GrassRoots Ohioans and their Medicinal Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Amendment (MCIH) Amendment were reviewed today, April 14, 2016, by the Ohio Ballot Board. The Board convened at the Ohio Statehouse and upheld MCIH as a single issue. The Amendment was previously approved by Attorney General Mike Dewine on April 7th, therefore, GrassRoots Ohioans is now officially certified and will begin to gather signatures.

This MCIH Amendment is unique because it was crafted in true grassroots fashion; it was placed in an open Google Doc, which was shared with and commented on by hundreds of citizens, local stakeholders, and experts prior to submission. Unlike any other cannabis initiative that seeks to establish regulatory code within the Ohio Constitution, this amendment is a simple, one-page enumeration of basic rights of Ohioans to medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp and removes both from the Ohio Controlled Substance Schedule 1. It respects the physician-patient relationship, as well as protects the rights of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and farmers.

Immediately following the April 14th hearing, GrassRoots Ohioans acknowledged the complexity of adding a citizens-initiated statute as a phase in their campaign, and voiced support for working with the Ohio Legislature in drafting fair, transparent, and sensible rules and regulations for cannabis in the state. GrassRoots Ohioans leadership has worked to engage the Ohio Legislature for years by bringing subject matter experts in policy, science, research, and patient advocacy. We are encouraged by the invitation from the Ohio Legislature to include cannabis organizations and advocates in shaping Ohio cannabis reform.

Grassroots Ohioans respects Ohio’s constitutional process and understands an amendment effort requires great responsibility and integrity, as such initiatives will certainly impact how judges decide cases and interpret the Constitutionality of cannabis laws within the State. Recognizing the pitfalls of codifying a regulatory scheme into a document as sacred and difficult to alter as the Ohio Constitution, GrassRoots Ohioans’ approach is simply to enumerate the rights of the individual; this means we are leaving regulations and rules governing the transfer and exchange of cannabis in statute and code, where they belong. GrassRoots Ohioans recognizes the infancy of cannabis policy and the industry and that it will continue to mature and evolve as quickly as science does. Ohio voters elect representatives to display due diligence and work to establish regulatory policies, which may require change as cannabis reform will undoubtedly continue to be shaped by evolving research, data, and social insights.

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