Breaking: MCIH Amendment Approved!




GrassRoots OH Medicinal Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Amendment Approved


Columbus — A group called GrassRoots Ohioans submitted the Medicinal Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Amendment (MCIH) on March 28 and a response was received by the GrassRoots OH campaign from Attorney General Mike DeWine on April 7, 2016 which certified the Amendment for circulation.

This Amendment is unique because it was crafted in true grassroots fashion; it was placed in an open Google Doc, which was shared with and commented on by hundreds of citizens, local stakeholders, and experts prior to submission. Unlike any other cannabis initiative that seeks to establish regulatory code within the Ohio Constitution, this amendment is a simple, one-page enumeration of basic rights of Ohioans to medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp and removes both from the Ohio Controlled Substance Schedule 1. It respects the physician-patient relationship, as well as protects the rights of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and farmers.

The group will also circulate a forthcoming citizen initiated statute, which will detail the necessary starting point for regulations to maximize individual/public health and safety. This approach is preferable to codifying regulatory details directly into the Constitution via amendment, as rules and regulations belong in statute (law) where they can be more readily altered via legislative process. This is particularly important as science and medicine advances continue to drive the need for drug policy reform. Sealing regulatory code into the Ohio Constitution prevents policy modification in the future without another entire amendment initiative; even the most minor change to policy is cost prohibitive – essentially locking in Ohio’s policy to favor the present political sentiments and agendas.

Consistent with the open and transparent formation of the MCIH Amendment, GrassRoots Ohioans will invite stakeholder and public comment for the statute. The campaign welcomes Ohioans and experts to provide input so we may create the most sensible, effective regulations for our state’s prosperity in a genuinely collaborative, transparent fashion. The statute will build on the MCIH Amendment’s focus on social and economic justice in maximizing access of patients to medicine, small businesses to the market, and farmers to hemp.

GrassRoots Ohioans will work to collect the required 306,000 valid signatures by the July 6, 2016 deadline to qualify the amendment for the November 2016 ballot. The citizen initiated statute requires approximately 90,000 valid signatures to be introduced in the Ohio Legislature.

You can learn more about GrassRoots Ohioans and their GrassRoots OH campaign, as well as how to get involved, by visiting
For press and other inquiries, contact the GrassRoots OH team

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