Necessary Cannabis Regulation

The amendment does not authorize “any person, while under the influence of cannabis, to (1) engage in any task that would endanger others or constitute negligence or professional malpractice, or (2) operate, navigate, or control any motorized vehicle or heavy equipment.”

Essentially our amendment does NOT say testing is banned and DOES say that impairment must be determined by science.

Here’s the text: “An individual shall not be considered to be under the influence of cannabis under Ohio law solely because of the presence of active or inactive metabolites of cannabis in the individual’s urine, blood, tissue, hair or skin, or as detectable by any other measure of body chemistry. The legal definition of impairment as a result of cannabis use, and applicable testing to determine such impairment, shall be based on scientific evidence of impairment.”

Nothing in this Amendment shall interfere with or change the ban on smoking in public places under the Smoke Free Workplace Act passed by Ohio voters in November 2006.”

<< insert info about concentrates, malpractice, physician protections, patient protections, and other regulations >>

3 thoughts on “Necessary Cannabis Regulation

  1. Just one question about the commercial section of the amendment. I do not believe you need to be 21 to have a commercial license. Being 21 is for alcohol, alcohol is an extremely impairing drug and is used in far more excess than marijuana. I for one am almost 18 and I have vouched my future into discovering the secrets of this plant. I care dearly for it and I have a passion for helping people. Marijuana is something I never expected to change my life, but it has. I want to make Ohio a state of promise for kids like me. I walk a beaten path towards a better future. I want to become a representative for marijuana more than anything in the world, I believe in it. And if it takes age for the government to realize that something is wrong then it should look at how long some of its own have been in office. I want reform, I want respect and understanding. I just hope you are doing this for the people, a chance for a better more progressive future. If you fight for that I respect you but I think that if you can get the requirements to grow it then 18 it should be. Make it a little more strict but if I could meet the standards, why not invest in a young mans dreams?


    1. Hi Nick,

      The portion of the amendment that relates is this:

      Residents who have attained the age of majority shall have the right to possess, process, transport, use, share, and cultivate cannabis for medicinal purpose. This right shall not be infringed except that the commercial production of cannabis, extraction of cannabis by solvents, the use of cannabis or cannabis extracts as an additive in foods and the transfer of cannabis by purchase or sale may be taxed and shall be regulated in the interest of public health and safety. Non­residents and residents who have not attained the age of majority may be administered medicinal cannabis only under the direction of a licensed physician.

      So what does age of majority mean?

      The age of majority is the legally defined age at which a person is considered an adult.

      The reason we chose this language is that we did not want to use an amendment to define who is and isn’t an adult, rather want to rely on the commonly accepted measure of adulthood. The state can pass a law restricting growing to those of an age older 18, but it could be challenged in court once our amendment passes using the right we have established as the basis for the challenge.


    2. We also state in our amendment:

      There shall be a fair and transparent process for determining cannabis-related commercial licensing that provides equal access to business ownership and employment for all Ohioans who have attained the age of 21 years old.

      Here we do reference 21 as the age which the legislature must provide a process for, this is in line with other commercial rules such as a commercial drivers license.


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