The Difference Between Medical and Medicinal

Our amendment is flexible because it affirms the right to use medicinal cannabis, allowing access to the type and amount of cannabis  needed to achieve and maintain disease-specific therapeutic levels.  This type of flexibility in is not possible in heavily regulated proposals which limit access and do not account for the differing needs of individual patients and medical conditions.

In this regard, many states have imposed arbitrary restrictions – limiting qualifying conditions – and ignoring  a huge portion of the patient population that could benefit from access to medicinal cannabis.  Our amendment defines medicinal use more broadly, leaving the treatment decisions to  the individual and their doctor, not the bureaucrat and regulator.

It is also worthy to note that states with medical cannabis access generally experience a 25% drop in opiate overdose deaths; with this amendment, access to this scientifically-proven pain reliever has the potential to obviate the Ohio’s opioid epidemic and possibly saving some of the more then  46 overdose deaths occurring each and every week.

It is not appropriate for a natural medicine – particularly one with the potential of cannabis  –  to be  treated different than other medications, nor should the users be treated like criminals.

Simply put, it is an undue burden and an invasion of privacy to require patients to register and carry ID cards, particularly while the federal government holds on to draconian Schedule I prohibition of cannabis.

Medicinal cannabis needs to come out of the shadows and our amendment goes a long way in making this happen.

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