Amendments, Statutes, and Regulations, OH MY!

To amend the Ohio Constitution, 10% of the vote cast in the last governor election is the required number of signatures for a ballot initiative, which comes out to roughly 305,000 signatures. These amendments, if passed, can only be altered (even the tiniest details) by doing another 305,000 signature drive.

A citizen initiated statute is a regulatory framework proposed by the citizens via collecting approximately 90,000 valid signatures, which would fill the laws necessary for commercial production and supply. Statute is basically the same as a law once it is enacted and therefore, changes can easily be made by the regular legislative process.

Grassroots OH will be pursuing both options; an amendment to declare basic rights in the Constitution and a statute to fill in regulations.

We are in conversation with various stakeholders in Ohio to collaborate on the laws needed to come up with what is best for Ohio’s communities.

We would love to have your input!

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