The Grassroots OH Difference

The difference between Grassroots Ohioans and other organizations is that it is not narrowly focused on one campaign, but rather is driven by a longer and deeper vision for Ohio’s future. Currently, Grassroots OH is the campaign that Grassroots Ohioans is supporting in 2016, but the group intends to continue to fight for Ohio’s cannabis rights in 2016 and beyond.

Unlike outside investors and national organizations, we are not going anywhere. We are forced to care about the future of the State, because ourselves, our children and grandchildren will live here for decades to come and most of us have deep familial roots inside these borders. This demonstrates that this organization will not simply pull out of Ohio if fundraising is difficult – we are committed to getting creative and leveraging the resources and skills of Ohio advocates to achieve progress.

The Grassroots OH amendment was crafted in a crowdsourced collaboration.  A coalition of activists collaborated on the creation of the rough draft of the Amendment, then hundreds of Ohioans, as well as experts, were invited to share and comment on an open Google Doc that served as a platform for refining the Amendment prior to finalization.

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