What is the Grassroots OH Amendment?

Fear not! As opposed to other amendments that have been proposed in recent years, our amendment is not page after page of complex legal jargon, laden with regulations and rules  – items without a proper place in a state Constitution. The Amendment is just 1 full page and you can read it here. This Amendment will take effect 30 days after passage.

Rather than being developed by a small group of interests in secret with Non Disclosure Agreements and inside polls, this amendment was developed for Ohioans by Ohioans in an open and transparent, crowdsourced manner. A coalition of advocates collaborated on the creation of the rough draft of the Amendment, then hundreds of Ohioans, as well as experts, were invited to share and comment on an open Google Doc that served as a platform for refining the Amendment prior to finalization.

It simply protects the inherent rights of Ohioans to grow and consume medicinal marijuana and industrial hemp. Regulations are, of course, necessary and will be determined via a citizen-initiated statute we will also collect signatures for.

Sign up on this page and you can be part of our movement too!

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