What’s in a Name?

Our organization is called Grassroots Ohioans and our campaign is called Grassroots OH; these names were chosen to embody the spirit of a people’s effort with roots in Ohio.

The name of our amendment is the Medicinal Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Rights Amendment, which perfectly sums up what our simple amendment will do: declare the inherent right of Ohioans to grow and consume cannabis for industrial hemp and medicinal purposes.

In fact, even the drafting of the amendment language was done in true Grassroots fashion; an open Google Doc was circulated widely and received hundreds of comments before language was finalized and submitted to the Ohio Attorney General.

Sign up on this page and you can be part of our movement too!

2 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. Has it been cleared by Atty. General, for language, to be put on ballot subject to enough signatures yet? And will it need 300,000+, or fewer? Thanks

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    1. This initiative was submitted for certification last week. It will need the full 300+, the statute we plan to draft soon will require less than 100,000.


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