The Amendment

Grassroots supports the Medicinal Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Amendment which was developed for Ohioans by Ohioans through solicitation of input from local stakeholders, rather than by out-of-state interests applying a ‘profits over patients’ business model to health care, which only drives up costs and limits access and rights.

Summary & Full Text of the Amendment

Common Sense

The initiative offers a common-sense approach with an emphasis on access and accommodations for those living with a variety of medical conditions and disabilities; respecting the doctor-patient relationship and understanding the individual nature of illness/disability, our amendment allows patients and their doctors to make individual health care decisions, not bureaucrats and investors.

Protects Ohioans

Our initiative starts with patients and ends with patients, plus it includes the added bonus of increased opportunity for small Ohio businesses and farms to thrive. We believe our Constitution is a place to declare inherent rights of Ohioans and not to enshrine investor interests.

We recognize that a degree of regulation is needed to ensure public health and safety, over-regulation – particularly when placed in the Constitution – only serves an obstacle to future progress.
We feel that the MRRA provides a good basic outline for the general assembly, without defining limits for personal or commercial use

We intend to place a basic enumeration of marijuana and industrial hemp rights into the Ohio Constitution.

Get Involved!

Who Are Grassroots Ohioans?

Here are some of the people who have brought you Grassroots OH

Mike MacGuffie – Editor

Mike has been working with the disabled for many years – both in the private and public sectors. He holds two Master degrees and has been an advocate for individuals with disabilities for over 2 decades.

His interests include disability management, vocational rehabilitation and public health policy. He lives in Toledo, OH.

Joe Brumfield – Visual Design

Joe Brumfield is an Athens, OH based graphic designer and illustrator.  In 2003, after a number of years working with Alzheimer’s patients, Joe was  diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy. Tired of feeling like a lab rat, Joe decided to use this experience as the perfect reasoning to devote his life to advocating Cannabis through his artwork and the study of history.

Zach Guithues – Events

Zach is the founder of Ohio Music for Legalization and has spent the past year building a network of musicians, venues, and production companies that support the cause.  He has also been key in providing merchandise to help legalization efforts across Ohio. He lives in Dayton, OH.


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Grassroots Ohioans is moving forward with our ballot initiative, legalizing cannabis for all those who can benefit from access. Our bill compliments recent actions by the Ohio Legislature – in that, we grant the individual right to medicinal access, without the need to interface with the state-system, which requires disclosure of confidential medical information that, in turn, will be entered in a state-data base for tracking purposes.  That’s simply not right! Continue reading “Donate”